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Panettone World Cup 2019

 From the 8th to the 10th of November, this biennial event, organized under the patronage of the city of Lugano, returns to the Lugano Exhibition Centre.

It is the only event in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland entirely dedicated to Panettone, a traditional Milanese dessert that has also become typical of our region.


Born from an idea of Master Confectioner Giuseppe Piffaretti, the Panettone World Cup is a unique biennial event, open to professional confectioners who work with natural yeasts and who are chosen by their national federations. These pastry chefs will then face each other this weekend in front of a jury of international masters.

Panettone is a leavened dough cake with natural fermentation, originally from Milan but now widespread throughout Italy, in Italian Switzerland but also abroad, as can be seen by the international participants in the competition, arriving even from Japan!
Legend has it that Panettone was born from a romantic story: the nobleman Ughetto degli Altellani, who fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a baker, was hired in the shop by her father and showed great creativity, baking a sweet bread enriched with butter, eggs, sugar and raisins. This is how the ancestor of Panettone was born.

In Italy the Panettone is the sweet symbol of Christmas, and for this reason it is mainly on sale in the period from October to early January. Traditionally it contains not only raisins but also candied citrus fruits peels.
Today, however, it is not unusual to find with different fillings, from champagne creams to chocolate fillings, or without candied fruit and even without filling.

Whatever the filling you prefer, to enjoy the best of this sweet and appreciate the fragrance, we recommend bringing the panettone to room temperature, about 20 °. 
A cup of coffee or tea go well with it, but it is with a good glass of Moscato d'Asti that the panettone gives the best of itself.

An opportunity to discover this cake, taste various types and maybe take advantage of it to buy Christmas gifts already.

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