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Arte: Helidon Xhixha

Lugano: Riflessi di Luce. Until 22 September 2019 Lugano is transformed into an open-air museum.

The monumental sculptures of Helidon Xhixha stand in different areas of the city. An exhibition to discover while walking, rediscovering Lugano.


Helidon Xhixha: Riflessi di Luce

Helidon XHIXHA was born in Durres (Albania) in 1970 from a family of artists. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana before moving to Italy and continuing his studies in Brera. He also refined his techniques and experimented with new materials in London at Kingston University. Here he experimented with steel, which later became the material around which his production revolved.

A vision and an innovative technique that creates a monumental art in relation to the environment in which it is placed, which is reflected and linked to his works.

There are 19 works located in Lugano, from Paradiso to the mouth of the Parco Ciani. One more reason to walk along the pleasant lakeside promenade from one end of the Gulf of Lugano to the other.

Posizione delle opere:

1. Drifting Icebergs (2019): Parco Ciani (lago)
2. Terraferma (2011): Parco Ciani (lato palestra)
3. Beethoven (2018): Parco Ciani (tra biblioteca e lago)
4. Fragments of Light (2013): Parco Ciani (biblioteca)
5. Riflesso Lunare (2018): Foce
6. Infinito (2017): Parco Ciani (fronte Villa Ciani)
7. Torre di Luce (2019): Piazza Castello
8. Ordine e Caos (2017): Parco Ciani (lato Casinò)
9. La O di Giotto (2017): Rivetta Tell
10. Conoscenza (2017): Piazza Indipendenza
11. Big Data (2018): Piazza Dante
12. Satellite (2018): Piazzetta Maraini
13. Inner Peace (2018): Contrada Sassello
14. Luce Divina (2018): Piazza Luini, poi Piazzale Cattedrale
15. Capitello d’Acciaio (2018): Piazza San Carlo
16. La Famiglia (2018): Lungolago Riva Vela
17. Simbiosi (2018): Stazione di Lugano
18. Rapture (2018): Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia, Riva Antonio Caccia
19. Mantegazza (2014): Palazzo Mantegazza

 Map Helidon Xhixha

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